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Accounting & Finance
Engineering & Technical
Other / Miscellaneous
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Accounting & Finance

Reference: AC-237
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 7 years
The Role:
- Manages financial department (accounting, reporting & budgeting, cash management & investment). Leadership and coordination of planning and internal reporting, accounting, treasury and budgeting.
- Active discussion partner for CEO and functional business leaders.

- Setting up best-practice Finance function within existing structure.
- Developing CFO talents with breath and depth for top CFO level (incl. Leadership skills, strategy, etc.)

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
- Manages the core financial functions: accounting, controlling, treasury, risk controlling, internal reporting.
- Creates, coordinates & evaluates the financial programs & supports the information systems of the company.
- Manages the processes and systems for formulating and evaluating business strategies/performance including planning, forecasting and budgeting, advanced analysis of financial data and segment / customer profitability.
- Ensures that all financial statement are issued on timely basis and according to local & group standards.
- Leads the Finance team to ensure the successfully and timely implementation of the agreed initiatives.
- Coaches, develops & ensures the motivation of Managers & team and provide them with the needed support.
- Establishes and follows up the investment strategy to maximize the return within the agreed framework.
- Closely monitors the asset versus liability to ensure a good segregation of Assets and matching.
- Ensures secured accounting and collection via branches.
- Coordinates with external auditors & tax advisors to ensure compliance with local & international standards.
- Prepares the documents for the Board & the Board Committees & the GA & communicate within the Board members.
- Actively contributes to the Company Strategic Planning Process.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BA in Finance or Accounting
- Min 7-10 yrs of experience in a senior-level finance or accounting position
- Proven, in-depth know-how in finance best practices, with a CPA approach
- Knowledge of local insurance accounting principles, practices & legal requirements
- Analytical, strong conceptual thinker
- Strong communicational skills
- Arabic & English, oral & written
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: AC-239
Job Title: Finance Director
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 years
Job Summary & Purpose:
- Safeguard the assets of the company and ensure healthy cash management and profitability. Implement Control & Audit procedures, conduct regular cost control works and make budget analysis.

- People:
Supervise activities of subordinates. Provide internal/external training both orally and in writing on accounting systems, procedures and practices in accordance with the Internal Standards of Accounting.
- Financial:
General Financial responsibility for approved budgets by the Finance Department.
- Other:
Resolve issues if raised during audits, collections, verifications etc.

Responsibilities / Key Accountabilities:
- Determine the weekly commodity desired prices, the oil replacement, and current cost and the contribution margin.
- Create and review financial reports and statements as required.
- Ensure accurate and timely preparation of the company's annual budget.
- Accurately report the company's monthly financial situation and the other financial reports and ratios to the Managing Director of the affiliate.
- Manage cash flow to ensure healthy cash balance to the affiliate.
- Complete feasibility study, item profit margin analysis, cost and budget expense analysis and reporting.
- Implement and lead periodical stock and cash counts and improve internal control and audit procedures.
- Timely presentation of the yearly statutory financial statements, taxes and social security reports to the public authorities.
- Coordinate with the lawyer and the auditors concerning the accounting audit and legal issues.

Decision Making Authority:
Extensive decision-making authority within their scope of work and organizational policies for:
- Updation of Accounting and Financial systems
- Disbursement of approved budget
Employee evaluation and disciplinary action

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor Degree in Finance or Accounting
- CMA or CPA certified
- Knowledge of ERP Accounting System


Reference: AC-240
Job Title: Financial Analyst
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 3 years
- Coordinate with the line manager to set the yearly budget plan, guidelines and budget building.
- Coordinate with business Managers on the budgeted figures in order to build realistic and achievable budget.
- Prepare the consolidated budget in coordination with the line manager in order to have a global view for the Group's budgeted performance.
- Coordinate with the line manager and provide recommendations, when applicable, in order to improve the budgeting process.
- Assist the Business Managers in the preparation of projected analysis for the acquisition of new business/brands
Produce periodical (monthly, quarterly and yearly) financial reporting for Topline/Dashboard, P&Ls, and Financial Position.
- Produce yearly full set of financial statements (separate and consolidated) to be subject to year-end financial audit.
- Produce periodical comparative financial statements versus budget figures, and previous period, and include analysis and comments to ensure the follow up on unusual and unexpected variances and figures.
- Oversee and ensure the maintenance of the accounting records to be in compliance with the Group's accounting policies.
- Raise findings, concerns and provide recommendations to his line manager and Chief Accountant during the review to ensure the accuracy of the accounts and follow up on the required amendments.
- Prepare ad-hoc reports when requested by management.
- Coordinate with the line manager and provide recommendations, when applicable, in order to improve the financial reporting process.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BA in Finance, Masters in a plus
- Proficient in Excel
- English is mandatory, French is a plus
- Min 3 years of experience


Engineering & Technical

Reference: EN-180
Job Title: Software Engineer
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
- Develop UI and backend in Delphi 10+.
- Develop queries and custom reports in Microsoft SQL.
- Design, develop, and test own modules with business team.
- Read legacy and identify issues that needs fixing and optimization.
- Work with various data formats (XML, JSON).

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Academic degree, minimum on Bachelor level, in Computer Science or Engineering
- Knowledge of web services in general (SOAP and REST API) is a plus



Reference: IN-58
Job Title: Head of Compliance / Compliance Manager
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 5 years
The Role:
- Ensuring the company's compliance with the rules and regulations of monitoring agencies; that company policies & procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company's Standards of Conduct.

- Ability to promptly grasp complex issues particularly with regard to compliance & investigation issues, and take proper action.

Main Tasks
- Developing, maintaining, and revising policies and procedures, rules & regulations & standard of conduct violations for the general compliance activities.
- Manage direct contact with SAMA and other authority bodies, and follows up on outstanding issues with other governmental agencies.
- Participates in evaluating investigative procedures.
- Coordinates compliance activities of other departments to remain abreast of the status of all compliance activities.
- Stays updated on new trends and regulatory rules introduced in the Kingdom.
- Mitigate any identified potential areas of risk or compliance vulnerability.
- Collaborates on ensuring training and employee awareness to compliance issues.
- Identify Legal issues threatening the company ; and works to mitigate and resolve them.
- Set-up review and update the AML-CTF policy, procedures, program and risk-based approach.
- Conduct periodic internal review to ensure compliance with AML-CTF policy, procedures and program.
- Identify issues related to AML-CTF program and follow up to resolve.
- Collaborate with related departments to ensure implementation of consistent disciplinary actions strategies in case of compliance to AML-CTF standards violated.
- Provide employees training on compliance with AML-CTF policy, procedures and program related topics.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or related field
- A minimum of 5 years direct experience in a Compliance function coupled with some operational or audit experience, though additional experience in dealing with the CMA would be an advantage
- Compliance knowledge of local market & advisory skills
- Communication skills (persuasion, negotiation, and writing)
- Familiarity with insurance business
- Only Saudi candidates will be considered


Reference: IN-61
Job Title: Chief Operations Officer
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 10 years
The Role:
- The COO is responsible for optimizing operations management with strategic & tactical thought leadership as well as strong execution strength to deliver against TOM/OTP goals & to deliver short-term quality management.

The Departments:
- Managing the following departments: Business Center Individual, Business Center Corporate, Business Center Health, Business Center Claims, IT & BCM.

- Achieving significant cost reduction targets without reduced service levels (customer experience).
- Ability to deal with competing objectives: cost cutting vs. improved customer experience.
- Definition of relevant KPIs-building a positive performance culture; visible consequence for non-performance.
- Optimized balance between TOM blueprint & local OE adjustments.

Main Tasks / Responsibilities:
Planning and Strategy Settings:
- Actively contributing to the company's strategic planning process.
- Planning & implementing the department's business plan to achieve targets as agreed upon with management ensuring alignment with the overall business goals and objectives.
- Planning and ensuring the availability of skilled staff to accomplish the targets, in coordination with the HR Department.

Operations Management:
- Planning, managing and controlling the Department activities for corporate & individual clients, including the following responsibilities:
- Overall Management and controlling of Technical activities to ensure efficient risk assessment by underwriting staff.
- Helping the team to achieve an optimum balance between profitability and risk exposure.
- Control of all claims in term of client satisfaction, speed & fairness of claims settlement and the accurate assessment of claim liability.
- Enhancing the Loss Ratio.
- Monitor and ensure effective technical support to the company's staff and distribution channels enabling them achieving their targets.
- Set underwriting guidelines for each product and ensure their implementation & standardization between H.O & Branches operations.
- Ensuring the delivery of excellent customer satisfaction with strict adherence to agreed customer service standards.
- Ensuring an efficient succession plan within the department that develops qualified second line management.
- Coach and support subordinates in technical and managerial skills and ensure the motivation of the Operation Department members.

Performance, Management, Employee Development and Self-Development:
- Monitoring the training and development needs of the department members and ensuring the update of their skills to support the implementation of the department's strategies and projects.
- Conduct performance appraisal of subordinates , evaluate performance reports of department staff & provide performance feedback.
- Ensuring continuous self-development to ensure keeping up to date with the knowledge needed for effective dept management.
- Keeping up to date with company's policies, procedures, decision-making processes & authority limits related to the Operation Dept.
- Preparing and presenting reports to management as required.
- Supporting the company's management in any other task/project as needed.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- University Degree or equivalent relevant professional experience
- At least 5 years of exp. in Insurance
- Insurance sales exposure is an asset
- Strong understanding & in-depth know-how in underwriting, loss control, claims, product
development to better understand & manage interfaces
- Strong negotiation & communication skills (Arabic & English).
- Good computer skills
- Only Saudi Nationals will be considered


Reference: IN-62
Job Title: Chief Sales Officer
Country: Saudi Arabia
Experience: Min 10 years
The Role:
- Plans and directs sales initiatives, objectives and policies, by managing all sales and distribution channels with a long term view on customer focus management.

- To successfully manage & develop the Sales Team to increase the market share thereby meeting the revenue targets.

Main Tasks/Responsibilities:
- Leads the Sales Department to ensure meeting agreed objectives of the strategic & financial plan.
- Ensure smooth communication between the departments to maximize the support to staff.
- Ensure the prospecting, recruitment training and coaching of the agreed number of Sales Managers and Staff.
- Facilitate the opening of new Branches as per the agreed plan and provide them with the needed support.
- Monitor the performance of the Sales Staff as per agreed KPIs with a focus on actual customer needs.
- Ensure the elaboration of the training material for the Sales team : initial and advanced, Arabic and English.
- Implement an efficient Sales Management System following up performance and potential promotions.
- Ensure the development of a Sales Management support team including an Assistant Sales Manager.
- Actively contributes to the Company Strategic Planning process.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Good understanding of local insurance market, including regulations, business segments, products and services
- Very good understanding of incentive systems
- Significant client exposure experience



Reference: IT-104
Job Title: IT Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 10 years
Role Summary:
- Oversee and manage the Company's information technology projects, coordinate project phases from development to installation, and maintain information technology strategies.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
- Manage information technology and computer systems.
- Manage IT staff by recruiting, training and coaching employees, communicating job expectations and appraising their performance.
- Maintain Company's effectiveness and efficiency by defining, delivering, and supporting strategic plans for implementing information technologies..
- Ensure security of data, network access and backup systems.
- Preserve Assets by implementing disaster recovery and back-up procedures and information security and control structures.
- Design and implement secure solutions to meet customers needs while protecting the Company's assets.
- Oversee system operations involving Internet and Client/Server applications.
- Oversee the administration and maintenance of the company's infrastructure.
- Oversee the installation and upgrade of new applications.
- Oversee the implementation and support of IT solutions for corporate clients.
- Oversee troubleshooting, systems backups and disaster recovery, and provide expert support when necessary.
- Effectively communicates relevant IT-related information to superiors.
- Document and submit IT-related reports to Management as requested.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BS in Computer Science, MIS or similar field from a reputable university
- Certifications in MCSA/ CCNA are required
- Min. 10-year experience including 5 years as IT manager or other relevant role.
- Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration and network installation.
- Highly skilled in Microsoft technologies, windows servers and related applications.
- Expert in UNIX/LINUX (Red Hat) and its commands/utilities at the user level.
- Experience with design, implementation & support of VMware virtualized environments.
- Solid conceptual understanding of IP networking and WiFi technology.
- Strong knowledge and experience in systems and network security.
- Experience in an ISP environment is an asset.


Other / Miscellaneous

Reference: OM-111
Job Title: Supply Planner
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 2 years
Job Summary & Purpose:
- Enhancing the cash flow and the department performance by optimizing the materials & finished goods supply.

- People: Cross Functional Cooperation with the Planning team, other departments & other affiliates.
- Financial: General financial responsibility for approved budgets within the affiliate's Supply Chain department.

Responsibilities / Key Accountabilities:
- Defining/ continuous updating for the Master Production Schedule (MPS) parameters, planning horizon & Strategy.
- Generating the Master Production Schedule (MPS) periodically & with every change in the forecast and according to the market needs & actual sales.
- Validating the Master Production Schedule (MPS) by running the rough cut capacity plan (RCCP).
- Defining/ continuous updating for the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) parameters (Safety Stock, Maximum stock, Lead times, Lt Sizes, MOQ, period between orders & planning horizon).
- ABC materials classification.
- Defining/ continuous updating for the MRP technique ( EOQ, lot for lot, targeted inventory) for every class of the materials (ABC).
- Running the MRP periodically and with every change in the MPS.
- Validating the MRP by running the capacity requirements planning (CRP) and revising the MPS & MRP accordingly.
- Placing Purchase Requisitions.
- Following up with the procurement the status of PO's and update the MPS & MRP accordingly.
- Building & maintaining the supply planning KPI's (MTD & YTD Plan Vs. Actual, OTIF, OOS indicator, inventory turns ratio, stock value & materials plan Vs. Actual qty & time).
- Review and manage the slow moving and obsolete stocks (for materials and finished goods).
- Participating in the S&OP meeting.

Decision Making Authority:
- Limited decision-making authority within the scope of work and organizational policies.
- Recommending Stock orders & Stock Levels.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering or relevant Experience
- Written and spoken fluency in English and/or Arabic languages
- 2 years experience in FMCG with the same role


Reference: OM-97
Job Title: Production Manager
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 5 years
Main Function:
- To manage the production process (quantity produced, delivery time and availability of materials).

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Oversee the production process and draws up a production schedule.
- Ensure that products are produced on time and are of good quality using the most effective methods.
- Estimate costs and prepare budgets as required.
- Ensure the availability of the human and material resources needed.
- Ensure the availability of raw material in stores and in the shop floor.
- Responsible for waste management and reduction.
- Monitor the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed.
- Monitor product standards and implements quality programs.
- Liaise among different departments, e.g. stores, production, quality.
- Work with managers to implement the company's policies and goals.
- Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed.
- Supervise and motivate a team of workers.
- Follow the company's Quality Management System.
- Provide training to new and existing staff as needed.
- Assist the HR department in recruiting employees for the respective department
- Identify training needs.
- Other projects as assigned.

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- Master's Degree in Business Management or Industrial Technology or equivalent
- 5 years of relevant experience
- Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel
- English and Arabic (Advanced)


Sales & Marketing

Reference: SM-302
Job Title: Marketing and Business Developer
Country: Lebanon
Experience: Min 5 years
- Analysis of the market
- Pricing of the competitors
- Create a new market study
- Distribution
- Business Development

Education, Experience and Qualifications:
- BA in Business Marketing
- Min 5 years of experience
- Has experience in Tobacco industry
- Has experience in Multinational companies
- Arabic, English and french